Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spring Framework

Learn Spring Framework

Recently, I started reviewing Spring Framework and I was very impressed the way it is created.

I read about the over view and I think it is well thought framework developed and now my goal is to get as much knowledge as possible in understanding Spring Framework and applying the concepts to my new projects.

I know lots of people are already very well versed with this framework. But I would like to write this blog to give an example how I learned this framework.

I brought "Spring in Action" by Craig Walls and Ryan Breidenbach book which is best for the 1st time learners.

I will continue to post how and what I acquire my knowledge in spring framework.

I have just completed on Web Project, which involved Java Server Face (JSF) Specification and Hibernate.

Already knowing the concept of JSF and its managed bean creation feature, it helped to understand the one of the core feature of spring Inversion of control (IoC).


Sridhar said...

Thank you for this wonderful blog. I liked the presentation of the concept, and especially your lazy man example. In your next blog can you please explain the difference between Inversion Of Control and Dependency Injection, Also I would be intersted to know different mechanisms in loading xml file and getting the bean instance.


Kartik said...

IoC ( Inversion of Control) a politician would be able to associate with this word more than a developer, up untill I came across the Spring Frame work and got my basics right by reading this Blog! Thanks Srikanth, I like the way your bulding the concept step by step, one at a time.Please continue to do so including various frame works so that people like us have a place to crash and learn a few nuggets.


Jignesh Patel said...

Nice explanation for AOP, however I like to use Hibernate Interceptor.

Raams said...

Hi, please post the code that you did for Audit using AOP.

PavanNaga said...

Hi Sri,

Can you post the code that yo udid for auditing using AOP..The links which u have updated are expired..